About Us


There is something beautiful about being loved unconditionally. Strong intelligent women raised me and they were fierce. It is true that Afghanistan has seen more than its share of tragedies and heartaches and yet there is beauty that is unsurpassed. Things were made with love and pride. There was a time where there was care taken into how things were approached and cared for. Sustainability and authenticity weren’t just trendy catch phrases. The same could be said about the U.S or pretty much any other part of the world. Bobojan was created to honor that spirit in mind.


I was born a feminist and I have spent years listening to women talk about what the design world has made versus what they had wanted. There seems to be a worldwide epidemic of people imposing their ideas on what women should and should not wear? This clothing line was born and inspired by that. What if there was a dress that made you feel at ease. What if it just fit? It hid the places that made you feel vulnerable and insecure. And you were enough? And yes you look beautiful. And it was ethically made and you know no small children were taken advantage in making it. So I joined forces with the one person I knew who had that old school training of making quality things. Who knew how to perfect a pattern and design something special, something simple something beautiful? Entered Danial Hellman his decades of making beautiful costumes, designs and tailored pieces were tried and tested. We took the partnership on and created Bobojan so that we as women could start focusing on the things that matter. On the bigger games of our lives that make us special and still look and feel pretty.